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Hummingbirds Capital

Hummingbirds Capital is a family fund. The fund was founded in 2020. Hummingbird is the smallest and most hard-working bird in the world, and the only bird that can fly in the opposite direction and hover, and we named it after it to remind ourselves of the importance of staying diligent, flexible, and contrarian thinking in investing. The fund focuses on Fintech and Internet Infrastructure, Crypto, and Cash Flow Investments.  


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Chris Lee CEO & Founder

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Chris is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Merkle 3s Capital, which has 6 crypto exchanges as strategic LPs. 

Before that, he also co-founded TKX Capital, a hybrid crypto fund. The lead investors are Kenetic Capital, Huobi, Celo, Zoo Capital, and Mobox.

He was President and Partner of Black Hole Capital, a VC invested in the Binance seed round. Before that, he was the CFO, Board Secretary, and VP of International Business Development of Huobi Group. Huobi Group was not only a world-leading cryptocurrency/ digital assets exchange but also one of the most successful creators of the Blockchain ecosystem in the world. Chris was the CEO of OKX and OKCoin International, as well as the CFO of OK Group.

Chris has over two decades of experience in corporate management, strategy formation & execution, and international business expansion, as well as capital market experiences in the Digital Payment and Fintech sectors.

He received the Best Executive in Hong Kong in 2015 by AsiaMoney and The Best CFO of APAC excluding Japan in Technology/Hardware Sector by Institutional Investors in 2016.


At Hummingbirds Capital, we collaborate closely with founders regarding corporate and capital market strategy implementation. To understand the type of companies and sectors we tend to work with, take a look at some of our current and past investments.  


Conversant Solutions

Conversant was founded in 2002 with its headquarters based in Singapore. It is the largest local Content Delivery Network service provider in South East Asia.  The Company since expanded its reach globally with offices in Singapore, Cambridge, Beijing, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, as well as a dedicated research & development office in Shanghai.

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Sealed Networks

Sealed is the first Southeast Asia-focused expert network, connecting the region's top minds with organisations across the globe. The company is proudly headquartered in Singapore and pride itself in its highly localised network and partnerships.

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Founded by a top US tech university’s research team, providing technological breakthroughs for zk-Apps such as zk-VM, zk- Rollups, etc. with 50X of efficiency  

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Merkle 3s Capital 

Hybrid Global Web3 Fund Originated from Hong Kong Focus on R&D of Blockchain Tech. The Fund is focusing  on Infrastructure, platform economies, integration of Web 2 and Web3, as well as social technology.


TKX Capital

TKX Capital was founded in March 2021 by Chris Lee, the former CEO of OKX and CFO of Huobi Group, and Will Wang, the former Head of Investment and Business Development of Huobi North America.

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Xiaobang Investment Advisory

Xiaobang Investment Advisory is a China leading insurance, investment advisory, and education firm in China. More than 100,000 users paid for their advisory service. The Total AUM of mutual funds under advisory service was over RMB2.5 Billion. It is a DST, Sequoia, and Tencent portfolio company.

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Reportify AI Research 

Reportify AI Research is an investment and business study AI assistant. It provides analytical research services for integrated data analysis for financial institutions, consulting firms, company strategists, and individual investors. The team members are from hedge funds, investment banks, Xueqiu, and Alibaba Group.

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Leading Location Base Service Pokemon alike SocialFi BNB Chain Game. Often ranked no. 1 among BNB chain GameFi Dapps. Got huge community in Japan and Hong Kong. It is an Animoca portfolio Dapp project.


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Leading cricket game and ultimately would be a sports blockchain game platform. Founders appeared in Shark Tank India with 30 Million viewers of the show. More than 200K download. A Sky Mavis and Jump  portfolio company.



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Leading BNB Chain Play2Earn GameFi Platform. Often ranked top among BNB Chain Games. Strong ecosystem and rich game content. An Animoca and Binance Lab portfolio Dapp project.


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